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Good morning, it’s April 27, 2017. This morning at RealClearEducation we have news, commentary, analysis and reports from the top of the education world.

Ann Coulter has officially canceled her speech at UC Berkeley. The decision comes after one of the student groups that originally invited her backed out due to security concerns. Coulter took a shot at the group for dropping its support and also blasted the university, calling it a “radical thuggish institution.” 

In all the talk about state ESSA implementation plans, there’s one factor that’s been largely overlooked: state politics. In many of the states that have already submitted plans, state leaders have been able to put party politics aside and work together, or the states are dominated by one party and don’t suffer from political turmoil. But there are many states that don’t fall into either of those categories and that’s having an impact on the development of their ESSA plans.

This morning at RealClearEducation we have an in-depth look at how state politics can affect ESSA implementation plans. We focused in on two states – West Virginia and Indiana – which both recently welcomed new state superintendents. While interviewing state leaders and stakeholders, we found one crucial thing: states that have successfully competed for federal dollars in the past (Race to the Top) or have adopted and implemented higher academic standards have been able to overcome political divides and develop the relational infrastructure necessary to make the ESSA process work smoothly. On the other hand, states that suffer from political turnover and don’t have that experience are struggling. In this new age of increased local power under ESSA, it’s important that we don’t take our eyes off the states, particularly the ones that may be struggling to develop a cohesive and high-quality plan. Indiana’s and West Virginia’s experiences so far illustrate why.

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NEWSMAKERS: In America, does more education equal less religion? A new study from Pew Research seeks to answer this important question.
IN THE STATES: Brandon Wright of the Fordham Institute finds that many early ESSA plans aren’t doing enough for high-achieving students.
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