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RCP Front Page:

Trump Is a Real Republican, and That’s a Good Thing

Charles Kesler, New York Times

Trump Isn’t Making America Great Yet

Paul Brandus, USA Today

Hate Speech and the Politics of Grievance

Ben Domenech, The Federalist

Why Democrats Are Dropping More F-Bombs Than Ever

Alex Caton, Politico

The ‘Voodoo Economics’ of the Laffer Curve Return

Peter Baker, New York Times

Congress Has Been Stalling Border Wall Funding

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Trump’s Fake War on the Fake News

Schreckinger & Gold, Politico

The Left-Wing Media Bubble

Ace, Ace of Spades

How Hollywood Remembers Steve Bannon

Connie Bruck, The New Yorker

Trump Has Been Spectacularly Lucky in His Enemies

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Rod Dreher’s Monastic Vision

Josh Rothman, The New Yorker

Who Watches a Murder Streamed Live on Facebook?

Jason Riley, Wall Street Journal

Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut: A Supply-Side Shot in the Arm

Investor’s Business Daily

Donald Trump’s Trade Policy Is in Disarray

New York Times

What Today’s Thought Police Don’t Understand

Washington Examiner

Venezuela’s Future Won’t Be Settled in the Streets


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