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Dann Gire Movie reviews and news from Daily Herald’s Dann Gire and other industry film critics

Filmmaker claims violent action film ‘Free Fire’ is ‘a study in empathy’

Ben Wheatley tells film critic Dann Gire why his action shoot’em up “Free Fire” with Brie Larson and Sharlto Copley is actually a study in empathy.


Documentary screening on opioid addiction draws emotional crowd

The documentary “Warning: This Drug May Kill You” will premiere on HBO May 1, but an advance showing Monday night at the Metropolis before an invitation-only audience turned into an emotional meeting as audience members shared stories of drug addiction and loss of loved ones.



‘The Circle’ isn’t half bad, but it’s only half good

Though “The Circle,” an adaptation of a 2013 Dave Eggers novel about a young woman coming to terms with privacy, ethics and humanity while working at a Facebook-like company,…


The funniest 92 seconds of ‘La La Land’

One of Widescreen columnist Sean Stangland’s favorite things about “La La Land” is a 92-second appearance from a bit player who leaves an indelible mark.



Filmmakers hush-hush on movie to be shot at Barrington Flower Shop

Mum’s the word on a film being shot in the Barrington Flower Shop the next couple of days.


Jeff finds a way: Actor Goldblum to appear in the next ‘Jurassic’ movie

Rejoice Goldblumites: Jeff Goldblum will reprise his role of mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm in the 2018 sequel to “Jurassic World,” after his absence in the 2015 reboot of the franchise, according to the Hollywood Reporter.



‘The Devil’s Candy’ visually lush, but short on script

Ethan Embry plays a heavy metal-loving painter (and Jesus stand-in) in Sean Bryne’s trippy tale of demonic possession “The Devil’s Candy.” The story suggests Satan uses the arts as weapons against humanity, yet never explores that premise.


Boom mic operator from Elk Grove wants work to be heard, not seen

Eric Anthony, who was born in Elk Grove Village, says being a boom mic operator on TV and movie sets takes finesse. It also takes strong arms: “I remember early on holding my arms up in the air for four or five minutes and thinking it’s the worst thing ever.”


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